Friday, March 12, 2010


I got a call on Wednesday saying I had a package to pick up...

Oh, we enjoyed!

He said the bet I won,
So you may think this silliness is done.
I have news for you,
I am not through,
It's my turn for some fun!

The cookies are great,
I've had at least eight!
But I must pause my lovin'
And fire the oven,
For it is HIS turn to wait!

Thanks so much Bob!!  They are delicious!! 

Funny story... last night after supper, Mike, Jaden and I had our cookies on our plates.  Jaden was eating hers, as was Mike.  I was still finishing up my supper so mine was still sitting on my plate.  Mike wanted a second cookie but instead of taking one from the jar, he just took mine.  I was completely fine with that because the jar was sitting right beside me... no biggie.  Jaden did not like it though!  She was yelling, "Daddy, NO!  DADDY!  NO!!"  Then, her poor little chin started to quiver and she started to cry!  "I don't like Daddy!  He took your cookie!"  Poor sweet baby :o)


Kristen said...

that is too funny about the cookie! What a great girl for sticking up for her mommy! lol

fuzbukt said...

So happy that we could bring a little bit of joy into the McClure and Teders families!

Now you've got us watching for the mailman. :)

Barb and Bob

Max Teders said...

Its heartwarming to know that even at her tender age, Jaden knows the value of a superbly made chocolate chip cookie!!