Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Merlin is a CAKE"

Yeah, I totally saw that spray painted on the side of a semi trailer this morning.  Is being called a cake a bad thing?  If you called me a cake, I would think that you were calling me sweet :o)

Anyway, I have yet ANOTHER thing I need to apologize for (geez... I've had more public apologies than Tiger!).  Remember WAAAAAY back to my birthday party?  No?  Me either.  That's why I completely forgot that I promised some of my bloggie friends birthday presents!!  So...

Dear Lala, Tia, Jackie, and Elizabeth,
Please, please, PLEEEEEEASE forgive me for forgetting my birthday!  I promise I will work my hardest this week to get some lovely things made for you!  I'm sorry :o(

I seriously don't know what my problem has been lately.  This morning, I woke up at 7:32!  Do you know what time I need to be to work?  7:30!  Not good.  I have made Mike promise to do whatever it takes to help me get my sorry self out of bed in the morning even if it means physically pushing me out.  I did get up on time.  I was out of bed at 5:15 but some crazy part of my brain said, "You still have 15 minutes before your alarm goes off.  Get back in bed and fall into such a deep sleep so you won't even remember your alarm going off."  Why does that make sense to me when I'm dead tired? 

I went to the gas station to get a coffee this morning and when I grabbed a cup out of the dispenser thingy, the whole chute of cups shot out at me!  Not joking.  I wasn't even touching the dumb thing and they all just popped out!  It was like one of those silly snakes in a can toy.  I picked up the couple that fell and got my coffee.  While I was filling my cup (far away from the possessed cup chute), they shot out again!  This time, another lady saw it!  I made a little joke about it and she just kinda growled (yeah, she actually growled)... someone else had a worse start to their day than I did.

Did you watch Jason and Molly get married on Monday night?  I kind of flipped back and forth.  I wasn't too excited about it.  What I DID watch though was Big Bang Theory!  Thanks for recommending this, Lora!  It is so hilarious and just the type of show I have been wanting.  I recorded How I Met Your Mother but haven't watched it yet.  Since we're talking T.V., did you watch Idol last night?  The girls did pretty good!  Didi Benami was my top pick.  Also in my top three five were Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus, Lilly Scott, and Lacey Brown.  I think that Katie Stevens and Paige Miles will go this week.

Sorry for the random ramblings... Have a great day!


Dollface said...

Is cake not a good thing?! hahaha xxxooo

Lora said...

Cake is always a good thing! I thought you would like "Big Bang Theory", such a funny show. I haven't seen this week's show yet. Happy Wednesday to you!

M said...

I would think being called cake would be a compliment. Follow me!

Elizabeth said...

I completely forgive you. Don't worry about it. I know that you are SO busy. I'll consider it your gift to me that you taught me to make a spring wreath, because I definitely copied your idea. ☺