Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"One of these days Alice, straight to the Moon!"

And when Alice gets there, Jaden will be waiting!  What on earth am I going to do with this child?  Last night, she woke up around 1-1:30 and decided that it was the perfect time to throw one of her glorious temper tantrums for NO REASON WHATSOEVER!!!  This is starting to get old.  Any advice?  I'm betting the house that she has another one tonight because as result of last night's performance, she doesn't get to watch ANY T.V. when she gets home tonight.  I'm told that this is just a phase and it will pass, but how do we avoid it in the dead of night when her baby sister is fast asleep in the next room?

On a completely unrelated note, I feel like I need to apologize for something I said in a post last week.  I'm not going to repeat it because I don't want to offend anyone else (the original post has been removed as well as comments refering to it).  Basically, I referenced an inside joke when I shouldn't have.  Assuming that my readers have a feel of who I am, I didn't think anything of it.  I was then called a racist.  I am not.  I am pretty much the farthest thing from it.  I should have explained the story behind the joke but I failed to do so.  I sincerely apologize.  I hope you forgive me and continue to enjoy my blog.

Did you know that there is a group on Facebook that people are actually becomming fans of that is against America helping out the victims of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile?  How selfish!?  It's one thing to think (which I do not) it is stupid, but to actually become a fan and let all of your friends and family know that you are a selfish person that doesn't care about anyone but yourself... seriously?  Unfortunately, I do not make loads of money and the only way I have been able to assist is by downloading a few songs in which the proceeds go to the victims.  Even so, I feel like that has helped a tiny bit or else they wouldn't be doing it.  (See the links below if you would like to do the same.)  I hear people say, "I didn't see Haiti helping the US when Katrina hit."  Maybe not because they were already poor and couldn't help.  We can!  It's like Joe Blo that gets hit by a car crossing the street and is rushed to the ER and the doctor says, "I'm not helping him because he didn't help me when I got hit by a car."  Sometimes we have to just help because we are nice people and not because we expect something in return.  Yes, we are still working our way out of a recession and could probably benefit by keeping all of the money that we donated, but when someone reaches out to you and needs a little help, you do what you can.  You don't go on Facebook and click a button to tell people you think it's stupid because that makes you stupid and selfish and if you are one of those people that I am talking about and this offended you, good.

MusicForRelief.org  Download to Donate for Haiti
http://www.cmt.com/haiti/ Hope For Haiti Now Album


Dollface said...

oy! Im sorry for your bad night with the little one. I think thats disgusting those who are supporting NOT helping those in need... how ignorant... xxxoo

Tia said...

Well I totally didn't read anything I would have thought was racist and I am still here reading!

All the zoos around here are open year round. They are great in the winter. Are you sure yours aren't open??

As for the temper tantrums...I have no idea. Ellie still has the occasional one. They suck. The tantrums, not the kids...

Lora said...

Those night time tantrums are the worse. Its hard to stand strong when you are tired and you are trying to make sure the rest of the house stays sleeping. It does get easier as they get older!

Its sad that people don't want to help others. In the case of Haiti, there was so many ways to donate without spending a lot of money.