Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Birthday Post... I Promise!

We seriously celebrated J's birthday ALL WEEK. Here are some more photos!

Tuesday was her actual birthday. We took her to Red Robin to eat and then to Tokens & Tickets.
Before eating, we had to stop and make a wish at the fountain!
She got to open some presents at the restaurant.  This was really fun for her.
She got a Madagascar 2 DVD and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Search and Find book.
She got so embarrassed when the servers sang to her!  It was cute :o)
Despite feeling a little ill, she had a blast at Tokens and Tickets!

On Sunday, we had a party at Bisque It for J's friends.  This was the first year we did a kids party.  It turned out great!  J had a blast!
The kids painted a plaque with their initial on it to hang on the wall in their bedrooms!
Taylor wasn't too thrilled about painting.
Then we did a handprint party plate.  I'll post a picture of this once it is fired.  The party guests all put their thumb prints around the rim.
Emma helped J read the cards.  She got a lot of neat stuff!!
Then we sang and had cake.
Emma, Owen, Madilyn, Jaden, and Reid

It was a fun week!  The only downside was that J was sick all week.  She had a high fever and a bad cough.  Luckily she was feeling better in time for her party.


Dollface said...

What a fun birthday!!!! Shes such a cutie, xxxoo

Gramma J said...

She is truly LOVED!!!