Thursday, July 22, 2010

45 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 45 Weeks Old
July 21, 2010

Taylor (left) and Jaden (right) at 45 weeks old.

Wow!  Taylor had a lot of firsts this week!  BIGGEST and most important is.... TEETH!  Finally, Miss Taylor has a sharp little tooth poking through :o)  I kept telling her that if she didn't get a tooth, she wouldn't be able to have any birthday cake in seven weeks!  She didn't like that thought at ALL so she decided to pop two little teeth out this week!

Also, she is done with the bottle!  Yea Taylor!  She is officially a sippy cup kid now.  I'm starting to get her ready for milk.  She is now taking her formula ice cold and in a cup. 

Another first (that I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for whatsoever)... Taylor spent the night with Gramma J and shared breakfast with Lucy... the cat.  Yep, Taylor got into Lucy's food and ate it.  The next day at our family reunion, Jaden informed everyone that Taylor had cat food for breakfast.  Nice.

Taylor's favorite thing to do now is throw stuff.  She will throw anything she gets her hands on.  She'll sit in her bed and throw toys across the room.  She sits in her high chair and chucks Cheerios across the kitchen. 

She is starting to push herself up to stand (kinda).  She actually just stands with her hands still on the ground... kind of triangle-shaped :o)  She's working really hard though!

One more thing!  I almost forgot!  She sings Hey Soul Sister with Jaden and LOVES to dance with her arms whenever any kind of music comes on :o)  Too cute...

Here are my cuties... NOT wanting to cooperate AT ALL.

Here is one from earlier in the week :o)


Tia said...

Cutest kids ever!

Iva said...

awwww!!! so cute!!