Monday, July 26, 2010

The previews before the movie...

I have to tell you, I have an amazing post for you... just not right now... or maybe even today. But hold on to those horsies because IT.IS.EPIC. and you for sure won't want to miss it (especially you, Lala)!!  Until then, I leave you with my new found snack and no, I'm not pregnant.

Yes, that is a half of a Hershey's square sandwiched between two Cheese Its.  What?  I like my sweets and salties mixed!

Stay tuned.... it's EPIC ;o)

1 comment:

MamaB said...

so strange- but I think that looks pretty tasty-
Your girls are TOO freakin cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog- I love the MODG- she is one crazy gal!
Ok- I think I am off to go and find some sweet + salty combo to snack on :)