Monday, July 19, 2010

BEST Decision Ever!

I originally posted this last week and am ashamed to admit that I got our date-iversary wrong... We started dating seven years ago TODAY, July 19th.  You know what though, Mike never corrected me so I'm in the clear, right??  Ok, re-read it and go puke because you know our love for each other is sickening ;o)  Love you forever, baby!

Seven year ago to today, Mike and I were officially boyfriend-girlfriend. We knew right from the very start that we were soul mates.  In fact, I remember one time, my gramma introduced Mike as my friend to someone.  Mike leans over and whispers, "doesn't your gramma know we are dating?"  I told Grams that he was my boyfriend.  She said that since we were older, she wasn't sure if we called each other boyfriend and girlfriend, so she played it safe and just said friend.  She asked Mike what she should refer to him as the next time and he said, "we are soul mates."  I think ever since then (before he became my husband), Grams introduced Mike as my soul mate.

On November 15, 2005, there were some bad storms a-brewin'!  Mike and I shared an apartment together and being on the third floor with tornado warnings made Mike both of us a little nervous.  I had evening classes that day so Mike just went to campus with me and hung out in the student union.  After classes, I met up with him.  We ate nasty Andy Capp french fry thingys from the vending machine and played shuffle board until the storms passed.

When we got home, I was STARVING!  It was like 8:00 and I hadn't had supper yet.  I turned the oven on and was getting ready to heat up a "cardboard" pizza when Mike asked me to go into the bathroom for a minute.  Not a clue as to what was going on, I went.  I waited and waited and waited until he finally called me out.  He gave me a note: "You eat this."  I was starving and was thinking he was wanting me to eat the paper... I don't know, I was just really hungry!  He explained that I was actually participating in a scavenger hunt... for food, I hoped :o)

I went from room to room, collecting the little notes that lead me back out into the living room where Mike was waiting for me.  He gave me one final note... this one was a letter.  I sat on the couch and read the most heart-felt letter I had ever received.  The very last line read, "I'll love you forever, I'll love you for life.  Mama, the time has come, will you be my wife?"  (I'm even tearing up just typing it!)  I looked up and Mike was on one knee in front of me with a box.  What did I say?  "Are you freakin' kidding me?  Because if you are, I'll kill you!"  Obviously, I accepted his proposal!  We both called all of our family members to spread the news!  It was a perfect evening.  In case you are wondering, we ate mac & cheese at about 10 pm that night :o)  Totally worth nearly starving to death!

We spent the next eight months planning our wedding.  It was perfect!  We got married on July 8, 2006.  That day was one of the three best days of my life.  Mike is everything to me.  He is my second half.  I can not even imagine life without him; my soul mate.

Last Thursday we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with our traditional dinner at Red Lobster.  The four year anniversary theme is fruit and flowers so we were planning on getting new Blackberrys... we have to post-pone that until September though because of my contract.

I love you, babe!  You make me the happiest girl in the world!  Cheers to many MANY more anniversaries and making each and every day in between them the "best days ever!"  Love you forever :o)


Jenny said...

Happy two are a perfect match! I remember that of my proudest, happiest moments!

Lora said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!

What a sweet proposal! So Romantic!! Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures, very beautiful! You look so happy, you both do!!