Friday, July 16, 2010

44 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 44 Weeks Old
July 14, 2010

Taylor (left) and Jaden (right) at 44 weeks old.

Taylor Max LOVES Apple Jacks!  Jaden is 3 years old and has yet to try any kind of dry cereal.  Taylor's little heart beats solely for her Cheerios and Apple Jacks :o)  She is not nearly as picky as J was/is.  In fact the only thing that she has really turned her nose up to has been turkey.  Better get used to it because we have turkey at least once a week at our house!

Taylor has really been trying to find her voice.  She grunts and says "uh" a lot when she wants something.  We are working on "up" right now.  Just getting a little tired of the whining when she wants something ;o)

The girls spent the night with Gramma Karen this past weekend and she reports that all went well!

Here is this week's photo shoot...
Just a couple of goofy goobers!

Have a great weekend!!

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Jenny said...

I stole this week's photo shoot for my wallpaper. I put it on your dad's computer too, his was 10 months old!