Wednesday, August 25, 2010

50 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 50 Weeks Old
August 25, 2010

Taylor & Jaden at 50 weeks old.

Yea for tooth #4!  We are going to try to catch up on some sleep because I know #5 will be coming around very soon!  Taylor has been eating lots of new foods!  She likes peas and carrots a lot.  I think more than the taste, she likes having them roll around on her tray.  She is doing very well picking them up and actually getting them in her mouth though.  Because they are cooked and slippery, they sometimes get stuck on the back of her hand.  She's not a big fan of that.  She also has discovered french fries!  Yum yum :o)  She had her first picnic lunch at the zoo!  She shared a PB sandwich with J, had some puffs, and some applesauce.  I'm buying some whole milk for her to try out tonight.  We are so happy (as is our bank account) to be done with formula VERY soon!

Taylor is still loving crawling.  She has no desire to walk at all.  She will crawl to something and then pull herself up.  When she's done, she'll crawl to te next place and pull herself up.  No cruising... nothing. 

We put away the rest of the 9 month clothes and are quickly growing out of the 12 month clothes.  Her hair is growing so fast too!  She is a dirty blonde and is getting lots of curls just like her sis :o) 

Here they are...

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