Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Currently, Right Now, As of This Moment

Currently Watching
BB12 Cast.....getracheloutgetracheloutgetrachelout....
Big Brother 12!  I LOVE BB :o)  I am SO applying to be on the show next summer.  Right now, my favorites are Enzo, Brittany and Lee.

Currently Reading
Jodi Picoult's The Tenth Circle. Loving Jodi Picoult right now but I think that after this one, I'm gonna dive into some more Janet Evanovich.

Currently Listening
Whoever You Are by Geggy Tah... an oldie but goodie!  It reminds me of junior high :o) 

Currently Rocking

What are your "right nows"?

Thanks for the fun post idea, Hannah!


Anonymous said...

Nice! That Jodi book is a good one. I have a Janet E. book (Two For the Dough) waiting for me in the wings for when I am done with Handle With Care.

Dollie said...

I am loving Big Brother right now too. I wish they would focus on getting Rachel out instead of Brendon. Enzo, Lane, and Ragan (or maybe he spells it Regan I dunno) are my favorites... And Britney can be added to that list if she is having a conversation with Lane or Ragan...

Tia said...

Huge BB fan here. Summer guilty pleasure...