Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As tempting as shooting your sister may be...

A week or so ago, Lala requested that I go to the Johnny Appleseed festival and take lots of pictures so she could live vicariously through me since she can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on airfare to come to the Fort to visit me... Personally, I thought friendship was priceless.  When I was hanging out in Salt Lake City for a few hours, I looked at the departure board and thought to myself, "Seattle!  Hmm... I COULD bypass Vegas and go visit Lala for a week..."  We all know how that thought ended ;o)  Just kidding!  I still La-la-love you :o) 

Anyway, the girls and I actually DID go to the Johnny Appleseed Festival!  Apparently Mr. Appleseed made his way through the Fort (he didn't think Hawaii or NY were more important... just saying...), dropped a couple of seeds, caught pneumonia and died.  He is buried right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana!
photo found here. Crowd was too big for my red wagon.
I tried explaining the whole thing to Jaden... Maybe next year. 

I grabbed the wagon and headed to the park for the festival!

I told J we could get a snack... Apple slices, popcorn, or ice cream.  Popcorn actually won but when she found out it was "sticky popcorn," she changed her mind and chose ice cream!
You're telling me pioneers didn't have chocolate ice cream?!?
Taylor wants a bite...
Enough funny business!  Taylor wants a bite NOW!
No time for pictures... Must. Have. ICE CREAM!

I told Jaden that if she wanted to stop to look at anything, just tell me and I'd stop the wagon for her.  Every time she saw a pumpkin, she wanted to stop!

Jaden brought her money.  She was allowed to buy one thing...
A pop gun!
Our conversation went a little like this:
Me: "You can get it if you promise not to shoot it at anyone, ok?"
Jaden: "Not even Taylor."
Me: "Right."
J: "Why?"
Me: "Because you could hurt her. You could shoot her eye out!"
J: "Can I shoot her feet? She doesn't have eyes on her feet!"
Me: "No, you can't shoot her feet."
J: "I can just shoot her arms, right?"
Me: "No, you can NOT shoot you sister!"
J: "Ok, sorry Mom."
J: "I shooted Taylor's leg. Sorry, it was a accident."

No more accidents after that!  It was a fun time :o)
Sweet and innocent... YEAH RIGHT!
*Start saving you change now, Ang! Maybe you could come WITH us next year!*


Kristen said...

omg that conversation cracks me up! Cute girlies!

Lora said...

My niece and I were both laughing at your conversation with Jaden.... too funny. Oh I'm with Jaden - I would have wanted to stop and look at all those pumpkins too. Some of them I have never seen before.

Angela said...

OH MY GOD!!! I just cried. It might be because I had a craptastic day, it might be because I'm utterly exhausted, or it could be those things combined with the fact that I truly MISS Fort Wayne when I look at these pictures and I love that you made a special post of JAF just for me. Thank you!!!! I don't know if I'll ever be able to attend the JAF since I'm always starting school the week prior, but I don't think another year will go by without us spending real life time together! Thank you for a great end to a crummy day and a perfect start to what now just has to be a great weekend! :)