Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dad's Birthday and the HORRIBLE Tragedy and New Addition Revealed!

Dad's birthday was on August 21st.  We were all so excited to go to the zoo and have a picnic lunch!  Shane was coming home... it was going to be PERFECT... until it rained and cancelled our plans.  Try explaining THAT to an excited three-year-old!  We asked J what we should do instead and she suggested, "go to the mall and read books and play with trains!"  Well, ok!

Taylor found a book that she liked!
J read a few books to Uncle Shane-O!
She got to throw pennies into the fountain.

Shane and I tried out the hurricane simulator!  The wind speed reached 80-something mph!  It was super windy!  Mike caught the end on video...

Jaden got in with Shane... we didn't start it for her though.
Then we headed to Bandido's for Dad's birthday lunch!
The birthday boy!!

We DID get to go to the zoo the next day though!!
Only slightly creepy, Shane...
She ADORES her Uncle Shane-O!!

That is when IT happened... a horrible tragedy.  So bad it made me have real, wet human tears in my eyes.  Hanging above the zoo, 38 feet in the air,
It just quit working!  Soooooo sad!!  Of course I worried about the future of this blog and how I was going to show all of you the pictures of my life!  I was DEVASTATED!  For real!  Don't worry, I went camera shopping a couple of days later and welcomed this new addition to the McClure household:

So, don't worry... all is well and I'm happily taking pictures once again!
Happy birthday, Dad!!

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