Friday, September 17, 2010

July 4th... A Little Late!

I think I was so wrapped up in my 400th post that I forgot to post pics from the fourth!!

The girls got to spend the first part of the day with Gamma J at Cindy's...
I was too busy holding snakes for YOU!
It was SO hot!
Humidity brings out J's curls!!

It's been a tradition for a few years now to get together with my friend, Erin, and her two kiddos on the fourth.  Her daughter, Hannah, and Jaden are little buddies.  Now we have Andrew and Taylor added in the mix... We have wild and crazy fun!
The girls brought a birthday present for Hannah.

Taylor and Andrew are checking it out!

Cindy was giving the kids those snap pop things... They LOVE them!
Aww... They look so grown up!  Remember [this] and [this]??
We've got a good group!
We went to Erin's mom's house and they had a pool out.  I left the girls'
bathing suits at Cindy's so they swam in their skivvies!
T stayed awake for the fireworks!!

Happy 4th!

Now, bring it on fall!!!

P.S. It was 9 years ago today that we lost our sweet puppy, Cheaney. 
I miss you, girl!

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