Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Double-Dog Dare You!

Remember back at the beginning of summer when Borders double-dog dared Jaden??  The challenge was for her to read 10 books this summer, document them on the provided form, have a parent sign the completed list, and she gets a free book! I wanted to make this more of a challenge because Jaden reads at least 10 books a DAY on her own, and I read a different book to her every night. We only listed books that, 1) she hasn't read before either on her own or with me, and 2) took more than one night to finish. Well, she did it!

Jaden with her completed reading list!

She picked Miss Daisy is Crazy for her free book!

After cashing in on all of her hard work, we stayed and played a little...

Great job J!! I'm so proud of you!!

If you recall, I also took the challenge.  I didn't quite make it though... Labor Day was my goal for my 10 books and I only completed seven.  I'm going to push myself and give it a shot for fall though!  By December 1st, I hope to have read 10 more books!  I'm starting with James Patterson's 2nd Chance.  Now, what shall I reward myself with if I succeed???

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