Monday, September 13, 2010

Sianara Summer!

Labor Day officially marks the beginning of fall in my book.  This week, I'm going to highlight some fun moments from this summer that I seemed to have left off my blog.

Mom and I took the girls to Headwaters Park one day.  They have a huge fountain that can run through.  Jaden loved the "big giant sprinkler!"
Watch out, kiddo!
Let's see if Taylor likes it...
I thought I had her far enough away... It was a teensy bit cold!
We thought that maybe if we stood in the center of the triangle, we wouldn't get wet...
Nope!  Soaked!

Then we headed to Lakeside Park to dip our toes in the reflective ponds.
Taylor was too worn out from the first park!

Indiana summers can get pretty hot!  We made the best of it though!


Kristen said...

love the pictures! Precious little girls you've got there!

Angela said...

Looove T-monster's suit!