Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can you handle it?

After a horrible night of crying, getting out of bed for no reason, and calling Mike and I into her room every two seconds, our conversation in the car the next evening went a little like this:

Jaden: Mom, when we get home, can I watch Pongo?
Me: No, because remember you didn't go to bed good last night so you get no T.V.
Jaden: Oh.
Me: If you go to bed good tonight you can watch Pongo tomorrow.
Mike: No crying, no getting out of bed, and no calling Mommy and Daddy, ok?
Jaden: Ok.
Mike: Can you go to bed good and be a good girl?
Jaden: I think I can handle that.

p.s. I added a photo to my Pumpkin Painting post so you can see the final product!


Lora said...

Ha Ha Ha..... That's cute :)

Kristen said...

that is so funny! Kids are so cute.