Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Painting!

We don't carve pumpkins at our house (yet).  It's too messy and they never turn out as pretty.  Plus, with two little ones, I would be doing all of the carving.  We paint pumpkins!  It is so fun for the girls... and the parents :o)

Concentrating so hard!

"Scaaaarrrrry face"

Can't you just tell she is trouble?

She grunted/growled each time she painted... sooo funny!

Happy Halloween!


Kristen said...

very cute! We carve, we let Logan (my 6yr old draw his design on the pumpkin, then my hubs does the carving. Oh, and we always make Logan clean all the guts out! lol The first year he hated it but now he thinks it's fun! Gotta love boys! Pumpkin night is tomorrow for us! Can't wait!

Lora said...

Oh those such cute Pumpkins! I like the idea of painting instead of craving. We haven't carved but we do break out the crayons and let the kids decorate that way. Maybe this year I will break out the paint.

Kristen said...

LOVE the last picture!!!!