Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pine Cone Owls

Remember my spring wreath?  Well, I never found time felt it was good enough to use through summer but now that fall is here, I definitely need to change it!

Every so often there is a table of junk at work that anyone is allowed to take.  I saw this ugly fall wreath and immediately knew it had potential!  This picture even makes it look half decent but trust me, the leaves are very fake looking and totally overpower the pretty wreath underneath.
I stripped the wreath of the leaves and it actually was very nice underneath!

When we were in Vegas, Jaden went pine cone hunting with her Gramma Karen.  She came home with a whole bag and while Mike wasn't too thrilled, I couldn't have been happier!  We could make pine cone owls! 

Supply List:

  • pine cones
    The long skinny ones work best for this project.

  • black or brown fuzzy balls
    I found these in the kids area at JoAnn.

  • acorn "hats" - 2 per owl

  • leaves - 2 per owl
    Again, long skinny leaves work best.  These are the wings of the owl.

  • yellow construction paper
    Cut into small diamonds for beaks by cutting a thin strip, folding it in half (lengthwise) and cutting triangles.  When opened, it makes a diamond!

  • scissors

  • hot glue gun
    For parent use only!  Caution: I burnt the crap out of at least three fingers!
Step 1: Gather your supplies! 

Step 2: Glue leaves to the side of the pine cone for wings.

Step 3: Glue puff ball on top of the pine cone for the head.

Step 4: Glue the face on, using the acorn hats as eyes and the yellow diamonds for the beak.

Now you have a pine cone owl! 

Then, I put little bows on the heads of the Jaden and Taylor owls :o)

Then, I glued my owl family to the wreath and added a little fall cluster of pine cones and acorns to make a much improved fall wreath!! 

Such a welcoming sight :o)

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amanda bee said...

LOVE your new wreath - the sweet little owlies are amazing!

Jessica said...

My daughter is obsessed with owls right now. She will love this project!

Tia said...

Super cute!

Kristen said...

you are so creative! Good for you!

p.s. awhile ago you said you couldn't comment on my blog... I made some changes and hopefully that problem is fixed!

Shannon said...

Kristen- I still can't... I wish I could! I looked to see what I have my settings set as. In the comments tab under settings, I have mine set as pop-up window. I think you have embedded below post. For some reason I can only comment on those types from home and my compouter sucks there so I rarely check blogs from home. Hope that helps!!

Kristen said...

alright girlie I've changed my setting so hopefully that made the difference!

Lora said...

What cute little owls! The wreath is beautiful, the owls are just the right touch!

the cape on the corner said...

that is such a unique idea, and it's super cute. btw, love your front door. it's the twin of mine! we painted ours two toned.


Crystal said...

How adorable! I am sharing this withmy Facebook readers!

Kathleen said...

These are so cute. My Brownie Girl Scouts would love to make them. Thanks for sharing! Glad to have found you on "Make It Yours" day.

Julie said...

those are adorable!

Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

I'm doing my baby's nursery in owls and I love this idea to use pinecones to have something natural. Thanks for sharing.
Victoria, www.obSEUSSed.com

Anonymous said...

Love the owl family! I have some pinecones to do this with! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from ISVC!

Birgit Kerr said...

Adorable!! What a cool kid and adult project! Love it! (via DIY Show Off)

Kathy said...

Adorable pictures :-)

Jerri said...

Love this project! And I love the way you included the little owls. Very fun! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites last week!

Hope you'll stop by again this week. I'm celebrating my blogiversary with a giveaway for a Presto Cool Touch Griddle!

Melissa said...

How cute! Thanks for linking up your two projects!

Make handmade said...

So cute wreath! i love it, thanks for sharing.