Monday, October 4, 2010

Project Life... WHAT??

Way back in January I started Project Life.  The point of Project Life is to take a photo a day for one year.  The photos can be of anything you want; something that meant something to you on that day.  For me, I am picking my seven favorite photos of that week.  They may not be one from each day.  I had huge plans to post my seven photos on my blog so you could follow along... yeah, sorry about that!  I have been keeping up with Project Life though!  I'll try to follow through on my blog for these last three months.  Here are my Project Life photos for the week of 9/26-10/02:

The girls love looking like Santa in the bath tub!


Giving "kee-kee" a hug :o)

Taking advantage of the warm fall weather!

Jaden loves playing outside!

"Where's your bellybutton?"

Poor Jude has a UTI.  Jaden helps with his medicine by wiping his face off.

Have a great week!

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