Thursday, November 4, 2010

Edward Fans Need Not Apply

Ah Thursday... sweet Thursday :o) 
Once again, I found a site that I love!  A Year of Slow Cooking is this amazingly awesome site where you can get ANY recipe you could imagine... for the CROCK POT!  I love it.  Stephanie is a super crazy lady that decided she would cook a meal in her crock pot every single day for an entire year!  She did it, too!  I can't imagine... I love my crock pot but I don't know if I could go a whole summer without burgers on the grill!  Not only did she slow cook everyday, but she took photos and blogged her recipes too!  I know. 

So I'm printing and printing and printing all of the recipes I think my family could enjoy... at least pretend to for the hour or so we are sitting at the table... when I came across a recipe called 20-40 Clove Garlic Chicken.  At first, I was SURE that was a type-o.  Surely she meat 2-4 cloves, right?  Nope!  In fact she wrote, "Thank you so much, Veronica-----this is a fantastic recipe.  She usually uses about 20 cloves of garlic, and I tried to go up to 40 cloves, but ended up only having 33 in the house to use."  That is a CRAP LOAD of garlic!  That sounds so overpowering... I have to try it!  Obviously I already have our menu planned out for this week but I'm definitely going to modify next week's menu to fit this craziness in!  On each of her posts, she has "The Verdict."  What did she say about this dish?  "This is wonderful! The onion and garlic had a mild, nutty garlic flavor that was a bit sweet. Some of the larger cloves of garlic that were still intact were kind of strong---they itched my nose. The kids ate the chicken (no onions or garlic for them) dipped in BBQ sauce. Adam and I each ate 3 drumsticks that night, and I used the leftovers to make some amazing fried rice last night."  I'm still shocked at that number...  I guess I'll just have to try it and see! 

I think you all should have this dish next week too!  I'm renaming it to Insanity Chicken though.  Fix it, blog about it, and let me know what you think!  Crazy, I tell ya!


Anonymous said...

Alton Brown has made this on his show Good Eats

Kristen said...

wow that sounds insane! I can't even imagine crock potting every day, though I love doing it and love how it makes the house smell soooo yummy! I'm gonna have to check into it!

p.s. because of your title I thought maybe you were a Jacob finatic and I thought that perhaps our friendship might be over!!!! ;-)