Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank you.

I am a very lucky person.  There are many things in my life that make me do a double-take and question, "Is this really, truly MY life?"  I have my family, my health, an income, a home, food, the list goes on and on.  On Monday when I got home from work, there was a package on my doorstep.  As soon as I saw the return address, I had tears... happiness, relief, understanding... she knew exactly what I needed.  After reading that post, she mailed me a hug.  I never knew that you could actually send a hug in the mail, but she did!  Now, in addition to the sign on my desk, I get to look at this daily and feel her hugs all the way from Nashville...
That little green sign make me smile everyday!
This little book, Live Happy, is filled with inspirational thoughts on life, love, and laughter.  It reminds me to keep on truckin'! 

While you live, love.
While you breathe, sing.
While you walk, dance.
While you work, shine.
While you see, dream.

Thank you, Amanda!  You don't know how much I really do appreciate our friendship!


Kristen said...

that is so nice!

amanda bee said...

awh sweet girl - i appreciate our friendship so much too! hugs :-)