Friday, December 10, 2010

Flavor of the Month: Peppermint

So, October brought my pumpkin obsession (by the way, I did try Edy's pumpkin ice cream finally and LOVED it!  Even better with chocolate syrup on it!), followed by November's cranberries.  The frosty weather led me into Starbucks the other day.  Instead of my usual grande non-fat, no whip mocha, I ordered a peppermint mocha.  BEST drink on earth.
Peppermint Mocha

Did you know?

The signature red-and-white stripes of the peppermint candy cane did not become traditional until the 20th century, but nobody is quite sure who first thought of the design.

I also saw that not only does Edy's have a peppermint ice cream, but Starbucks froze my piece of heaven on earth and made a peppermint mocha ICE CREAM! 

I think I'm in big trouble... February's flavor of the month may have to be Slim-Fast!


Kelly said...

Ahh... so jealous Shan!!! Starbucks peppermint mocha's are my absolute favorite and I can't even have them right now! I wonder if I could sneak a little of the ice cream..hmm...

Tia said...

I know, so good right? Loved your christmas card! Thanks!

Lora said...

Peppermint Mocha.... So Yummy!! I have had the latte, the frapp but I haven't tried the ice cream(yet).