Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

How on earth did I forget to post Thanksgiving pictures?  Seriously December, SLOW the heck down!

First, we went to Mike's Grandma Ina's house.

Mike with his little brother, Matt.

Then, after the girls got a nap, we headed north to Garrett to see my family at my Gramma Pat's house.
Jaden working off her dinner on the treadmill with Grampa Wayne.

Taylor loves cell phones... eh, just watch the video.

Looks like she picked Grampa Wayne!

Me with my little brother, Shane!

Strike a pose!

The girls playing with Aunt Cindy.
It was a fun and relaxing day!  Ok, back to thinking about Christmas now... Happy Thursday!

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Kristen said...

I'm pretty sure neither you or your husband won the height battle! lol Sounds like it was a good Thanksgiving, and your outfit is super cute! Btw I got your xmas card yesterday, very cute! I'm still working on getting a picture of my clan for a card, life has been so busy lately!