Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Today is Mike's 29th birthday!

Last week, Kalie and I went to Michigan to Ikea so I could buy Mike a new chair.

"His" chair was a worn faux leather glider rocker with a glider footstool.  I snagged it a few years ago at a garage sale because we needed a chair and well, the price was right!  Needless to say, it has seen better days...

I decided on this lovely duo!
He loves it!

We celebrated at his parents' house last Saturday.

Since Mike isn't a huge fan of cake, his mom got him a DQ ice cream cake!  Jaden helped him blow out his candles.

Last week, I took Jaden shopping.  I told her she could get her dad anything she wanted.  After walking down aisle after aisle, she finally found the perfect gift!  She took it up to the register, along with some money I had given her, and told the cashier, "I'm buying this for my Daddy!  It's a surprise for his birthday and he will love it!"

"Close your eyes, Daddy..."

She got him a basketball hoop to put over the door!


At home, it goes over Jaden's bedroom door :o)  They play together and have so much fun! 

Later that night, Mike had some friends over.  We ate, drank, and played some games!  Mike got his groove on with the DDR...

Today, for his special day, I made some treats for him to take to work.  Tonight, Mom, Dad, Mike, the girls, and I are going to Bandido's for his birthday meal! 

Happy birthday, sweetie!  I hope your day is wonderful :o)


Abbey said...

We have that chair in rocking chair form and LOVE it! Just got it. Good choice!

Kristen said...

sounds like he's having a great birthday! And oh my gosh Jaden looks so proud of herself when her daddy opened that present! Priceless!

Kelly said...

We love that chair also. Marissa has one in her room. Can't wait to get to IKEA for baby's room! Jaden looks SO stinkin cute with that gift! Happy Birthday Mike!

amanda bee said...

Happy Birthday to your Mike! My Mike turns 29 tomorrow :-)

Lala said...

I don't understand how that's a dance....even if Mike had graceful upper body movements... it doesn't make sense to me!

We have that chair too, in black leather. It was the only "recliner" I found acceptable for Josh to get, but it's since become Lulu's chair. :)

Hope you had fun at Bandido's! Northcrest? Ah, Memories!

Lora said...

Happy Birthday to Mike! I hope he had a great day and that this is his best year yet!