Wednesday, January 12, 2011

362 more days left...

...of life as a girl in her 20s!

I turned 29 on Sunday.
I'm ok with 29.

On Friday, my girlfriends and I met at Naked Tchopstix for our monthly sushi night and I was surprised with cake and presents!
Abby, Kalie, Leanne, Lori, Me, and Candy

Abby, Kalie, and Leanne

Lori, Me, and Candy
 Abby made the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake and let me tell you, it was A-MAZING.  SO good!  Thanks, Ab!

On Sunday, Jaden decorated a cake for me :o)

She did an awesome job!  It sure is a good thing I love sprinkles and "chocolate mountains" aka Hershey Kisses!!

Then we went to Mom and Dad's house for chili.  Jaden got me a finger painting set for my birthday so we had to try it out.  She said, "Mom, you don't even need a paint brush because it's FINGER paint!"  We had a lot of fun doing this :o)

Taylor had to just watch... sorry, kiddo!

Then, I got to open presents... well, the girls got to open presents ;o)

My lovely family!
Dad, Jaden, Me, Mike, Taylor, and Mom

Then, everyone sang Happy Birthday to me..

...and J and I blew out my candle!

I had a great birthday!  Thanks so much to everyone that helped make it special! 
Now, I count down to


Kelly said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday! Especially with your little cuties!

amanda bee said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post very very very much! :)
greeting from Italy

Lala said...

You're still young and hott. Glad you had fun! :)

Me said...

Happy Birthday! Finger paints are a fab pressie :) What a sweetie. I'm in the same position as you- waiting for the big 3-0 this year. I'm sure were gonna be fine! x

Hobbyaholic (April) said...

Looks like you had a great birthday.

Lora said...

What a pretty cake! I'm happy that you had a great birthday.

Kristen said...

happy birthday girl! And your cake looks beautiful! She did such a great job!

Llama said...

Im 29 too!
Lets not count to to 30 just yet ok?! :)