Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Blog

We interrupt regularly scheduled blogcasting to bring you this State of the Blog address.

This blog is doing great! 

(stand and applaud)

I have fallen into a great routine of Project Life on Mondays, a new project or recipe on Tuesdays, and just life blogging Wednesday through Friday.  It works for me and satisfies all of my readers (right?).  Is there anything else you would like to see become a regular thing on my blog?  I love reading mom blogs, craft blogs, home decorating blogs, and cooking blogs.  I feel like I encompass all of those topics!

(stand and applaud)

What do I have planned for the future of Living My Life On Purpose?  Well, I have a super secret awesome gigantic surprise in the works that I'm hoping you all will support me on... My readers?  Of course you will! 

(stand and applaud)

I also have lots of projects in my "To Do" folder that I'm sure you will die over! 

(stand and applaud)

We are starting the get-our-house-ready-to-sell process so I'm sure I will figure out new organizing solutions as well as some home improvement projects to share with you. 

(stand and applaud)

I don't even need to mention the fact that my kiddos are growing like weeds and I can get a little camera happy at times... You can definitely count on seeing lots of pictures of them! 

(stand and applaud) 

Vlogging... yes?  no?

(stand and applaud)

I have had some people contact me about reviewing products, giving my readers discounts, and advertising events... all good things for all of you!

(stand and applaud)

Thank you thank you thank you for coming to visit me every day!  I've been gaining new followers each day and love it!  I love reading your comments and visiting you blogs as well, so thanks for that! 

In conclusion, I guess that the state of this blog is great so you can all sleep well tonight!


amanda bee said...

I'd say the state of your blog is amazing! I love reading everything you share with us - keep it up ladylove!

Jenny said...

The first thing I ALWAYS look for is a new conversation between "bloghead T and Bloghead J" in your header.
I would like to see this updated weekly! (or more often).
Your project Life pictures are probably my favorite posts!

Carrie Thompson said...

Wow and your state of the blog didnt even make my blood pressure bleep ONCE. Good to know my health is safe reading your blog.

excited to see what is to come...