Wednesday, February 2, 2011

French Toast Warning!

Fort Wayne is under a Level 1 Snow Emergency.  You know what that means, right?  Time to eat french toast!  Everyone goes to the grocery store when we are expected to get a big snow storm and buys milk, eggs, and bread... I only wish they would remind us to buy syrup!

Apparently my neighbor didn't get the memo...
He got stuck getting out of his driveway, driving 20 yards down the street, reversing back to his driveway, and then getting back into his driveway.  He was a determined idiot though.  He shoveled his way out and left.  Some things are just too important, I guess!

We opted to just stay in and make some Valentine's Day decorations!


Then, Taylor found her bellybutton... Thanks goodness, I was worried we had lost it forever!

It's been a fun morning!  Enjoy the snow :o)


Cecilia said...

It's so nice to read this blog's little window on a life that it's so different from mine :)
Hugs from Italy
ps: french toasts are soooo yummy!

Dollface said...

Awwww you make such cute things with the girls!! xxoo

Chris said...

I live in Fort Wayne too! Wasn't that storm something? And the idiots who went out in it were too much! We didn't make French toast though. I had eggs for breakfast. :)

Lora said...

It's been a week of stormy weather. We had a storm on the weekend. Friends in Kansas were talking about a storm. Friends in Eastern Canada were taking about a storm this week. Seems like just about everyone I know is talking about storms and/or colder weather then normal.

So glad Taylor found her belly button :)