Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Life: Week 5

For some reason, I don' have access to my photos from the first half of the week.  I'll try to get them back tonight... Good thing I was a little picture happy this weekend!  For now, here is Project Life: Weekend Edition :o)

02/03/11 - Taylor's new found love!

02/05/11 - "Mom, I'm Ariel now."

02/05/11 - Teething Taylor munching on some cold grapes... poor baby :o(

02/05/11 - There was finally enough of a break in the snow for J to hang
her bird seed cakes she made.  We couldn't make it out back to the trees
so the railing in the front had to do.

02/05/11 - Grampa Ron took Taylor for a little ride in the snow!

02/05/11 - As fun as the snow is, we sure are ready for spring around here!


Lora said...

Great pictures! How much snow did you get?

Shannon said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, Fort Wayners...

Lora, I believe we got 10-12 inches on Tuesday and another 5 inches on Saturday with non-stop flurries in between. It's been *LOVELY* We have 3-4 foot drifts around our house!

Lala said...

I can't wait to give these girls real life *squishes*. I seriously want to eat them up!

Lora said...

We don't have that much snow but we have some. It's be cold/snow storm - nice & melting - cold/snow storm - nice & melting for the past couple of weeks. Major temperature changes. And it's very icy.