Friday, April 1, 2011

Glee's Anatomy?

Well, I had another post scheduled for this morning but after last night's Grey's, how in the world could I NOT talk about it? 
It probably won't surprise you to know that I "like" GA on Facebook.  They have been posting a lot about the music event episode lately, so I knew before watching that it was going to act out the songs that have been made famous by the show.  I was super pumped and had heard that Sara Ramirez (plays Callie Torres) blew those songs out of the water!  I did however, forget the plot... I know, HOW?  Remember, I do not read up on Grey's, I do not watch commercials for Grey's, I don't like to know anything about the characters or plot prior to watching (besides GA on FB).  I assumed that the music event they had been talking about would be clips from past episodes with Sara singing in the background.  Boy, oh boy was I wrong!

If you remember last week, Arizona asked Callie to marry her and then the hit a truck.  Huge monster cliffhanger!  This week started with Callie through the windshield of Arizona's car.  She saw herself standing there.  From the first second of the show, I was at the edge of my seat!  And then she started singing.  It was amazing and beautiful and perfect and I cried a little.  I LOVED it.  I thought to myself, "This is going to be perfect!  Callie will be singing while she watched her friends work to save her life! GENIUS, Shonda Rhimes, genius."  Que Owen Hunt.  What the heck?  He broke the suspense that the beginning of the show had.  He took away from the trauma; I mean come on, this isn't just any patient... this is CALLIE! 

Throughout the show, the whole cast sang.  I thought their voices were great and I felt like a proud mama duck watching them sing all of those songs.  The only song that I thought could have been left out was the faster one (I don't even know if I had ever heard it before).  It didn't fit at all.  The plot shifted, the characters were out of their element, it was just awkward.

The story was great.  Actually, it was probably the best of the season (duh!).  Emotions were raw and out there.  Meredith admitting to Derek that she was jealous of Callie for getting pregnant on accident when all she wanted was to have a baby gave me goosebumps.  The scene where they are rushing Callie to surgery while she was sitting on herself, singing "Grace" rates in the top 10 best GA scenes ever.  Also up there was the scene of all the doctors scrubbing in together before the operation while "How To Save A Life" was being sung.  I too was singing... and crying!  Or what about when the helicopter landed and Addison jumped out??  Epic.

As far as the entire episode as a whole goes... Do you remember way back when ER decided to do their live episode?  Do you remember feeling all excited about it, thinking you were going to see real doctors work live on TV?  No?  Well I was a little younger then and the line between real and fiction was a little blurry... Anyway, most importantly, do remember being felt let down by that episode?  I remember wishing I hadn't watched it because I was hoping for and imagining so much more than it actually was.  This is where I can stand and applaud Rhimes for a great (not awesome) job!  You exceeded my expectations on so many levels!  My only beef is that the music event was during Callie's trauma.  I felt that it took away from the personal, intimate connection fans have with the cast.  I was crying for Callie, Arizona, and Mark.  I would have liked to hear those songs played in the background and make the show more intense.  But, what's done is done.  I loved the episode, I love Grey's.  I will watch and love this show forever!

Here is an audio clip from the music event:


Tia said...

I loved it too! Except for the couples dancing together. That was weird. I have an app on my ipad that syncs with the show and you get little tidbits as the show goes along. It is awesome. It gives you little inside info on some of the scenes and stuff. Did you know Chyler Leigh (little grey) has kids? I didn't! And that Shondra named Callie's character only after watching her in Spamalot on Broadway. Cause Callopie means "muse of music"? I didn't! Cool!

Thought it was a neat episode.

Shannon said...

Reason #502 I want an iPad.

Gill Family said...

I loved it, I was wrangling my two year old, trying to get her to sleep, I finally told her she had to lay the other way-- she told me her eyes werent workin'... ooo now I need an iPad...

Llama said...

Ive never gotten into it...i feel like I missed out on something hooo