Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Winning Date Night

A short while ago, I hosted a giveaway for tickets to see Madagascar LIVE! in Indianapolis.  Krista got the tickets and took her son, Seth, on a surprise date!  Here is her review:

A couple weeks ago my friend, Shannon, was giving away 2 tickets to see Madagascar Live! on her blog. I thought, I never win, but hey, it's worth a shot! Well, I didn't win, but the girl who did evidently couldn't go, so we won the 2nd time around. Thanks to Grandma & Ted for coming to watch Grant because it just happened to be Andy's academic competition and he wouldn't be home till 9:30...we were set to go. I never told him we were going. I teased him all day on Tuesday...playing the Black Eyed Peas song, "I've got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night". He knew something was up. When Grandma & Ted arrived...he really began to wonder. I told him we were going to do a Kate's Kart presentation (he wasn't too excited) We did stop at the shed...picked up some books...and then I couldn't keep it a secret any longer. I told him I had tickets and the Garman. He looked at the tickets and figured it out...but when I told him it was in Indy...his smile got even bigger. We made a detour in Muncie and dropped off those said books at Ball Memorial. Then...I took him on a driving tour of my alma mater. He had never seen a college campus he had lots of questions. He informed me he was going to major in basketball! Okay then! On to Indy...he had pick of dinner....his choice: Penn Station! eat free on Tuesdays.
Then on to the theatre...he's the blue coat. Nice timing officer!
We had great seats...26 rows back in the center. It wasn't quite full...but it was loud! Kids everywhere...wanting this...wining about that. Our timing worked out great...we only waited about 10 minutes...enough for 2 shots.

During the show...all the kids got lemur glasses and were encouraged to wear them...during "I like to move it, move it!"
The staging was creative...the costumes cute...the backgrounds were so colorful...the music so upbeat. It may have been meant for kids...but this grown-up loved it too.

And of can't have an official date with out going out for a treat! We stopped at Cold Stone Creamery on our way out of Indy. It was about 9:45...I felt like such the "bad" mom...getting looks like: Why is your kid out so late?....well...if you only knew the night we had.
The drive home was better than I thought...after an early morning wake up call from my other son...I was worried I'd be stopping a bunch. Seth stayed awake for about 1/2 the drive...we chatted...he watched some of Madagascar the movie. After he fell asleep...I just sang to the radio and played that old standby: Find the letters of the alphabet on roadsigns. That darn q...kept me alert and before I knew it...The quik mart had a sign and we passed Pizza Hut at Coventry.

Gee, I love this little guy. When we got home, he was dead tired...I put him in his jammies...gave him a hug...a kiss and said I had a really good time. His reply: So did I...and he was OUT...and I knew we built a memory that night.
Thanks Andy...thanks Grandma & Ted...thanks Shannon!

BTW...Madagascar LIVE is coming to Ft. Wayne next week...I highly recommend it...maybe have a date night of your own...minus the drive and gas tank fill-up!

You are so welcome, Krista! I am so glad you and Seth enjoyed the show!


Dollface said...

How adorable!!! xxxoo

Llama said...

AWW! That is just the sweetest!