Monday, April 25, 2011

Project Life: Week 16

Taylor loves to color with Great-Grandma Ina!

Gramma J did Jaden's 4-year handprint.

Taylor got to paint a pretty picture while Jaden got her hand painted!

Jaden picked "pasta" for her birthday meal :o)

Jaden made a new friend on her birthday!

The fam at Jaden's birthday party!

Jaden with her Rapunzel cake... more to come on that later ;o)

Jaden got a new bed for her birthday!


Jenny said...

and to sum it up in Jaden's words, "the BEST WEEK EVER!"

Lala said...

Wow! That is ONE fancy, new bed! Fit for a princess!!

I love Project Week posts. So many cute faces. :)