Thursday, May 12, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Why is it that I alway get so disappointed by reality shows? 

I'm not going to see you for like ever because I'm going to Paris... But when they say "cut," let's go to the club with L.C. and Audrina and Justin Bobby, ok?
When I watched the final episode of The Hills, I seriously had flashbacks of the day I found out that Santa Claus wasn't real.  I was devastated!  It was fimed on a SET?!  Kristin didn't really leave Brody to go to Paris?!  They drove around the BLOCK???  Oh, the agony.  My heart was crushed.  Crushed. 

I started to slowly regain my faith in these so-called reality shows because I wanted Leah, Corey, Ali, and Aleeah to live happily ever after in their cute little trailer in the woods... But then even poor Leah started getting for-real salon highlights and fake nails and I new that she really wasn't poor because there was NO WAY in the world that I could have afforded a trailer, two kids, salon highlights AND fake nails when I was a teenager.  Crushed.

I knew I could always count on the REAL reality shows... you know, like American Idol!  That show is for-real reality.  I truly believe that there are normal, average kids (yes, I say kids because I am OK with the fact that each and every finalist on the stupid show was younger than me...) with too-awesome-for-words-make-my-heart-cry (James makes it cry scared tears) voices.  I truly believe that America calls and votes for these people and Idol relys 100% on America's votes.  Totally legit.  Totally real.  But, because I've been burned in the past, my sensors are on full alert for these reality shows.  Tell me that I'm not the only one that caught the set-up last night.  Idol is down to the top 4.  This is big deal stuff!  The producers need to be 100% fair to each and every contestant.  Mike tells me that they (the producers) always put the singer last that they want to win so that singer is fresh in callers' minds.  I didn't believe him.  I trusted Idol.  Idol let me down.  Idol is now on the same level as The Hills.  Each contestant sang two songs last night.  The order STARTED out as 1. James, 2. Haley, 3. Scotty, 4. Lauren.  When it came time for the second songs, Ryan announced that if you are keeping track of numbers, pay attention because there was going to be a change.  Hmmm....?  They changed the ORDER!  James should have sang his secong song first, but they moved him to the END!  The producers want that screaming Adam Lambert-wannabe to win!  I'm sorry, but James is just Adam Lambert's second chance.  He has to scream in every song he sings and it is getting O.L.D.  I admit, he rocked that Journey song, but everyone else did just as good!  Idol is unfair.  Idol cheats.  They may as well hire Kristin Cavallari to judge next season.  Blah.  I'm still holding out that James will be the next one to get the boot because Haley is awesome and Lauren and Scotty are just too cute for words.  I'm sure I'll be disappointed though.

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Llama said...

Wow!!! How did you call the American Idol boot? You are GOOD!! Who do you think is going to win?