Friday, May 13, 2011

What's Nifty About Today??

Maybe it's the fact that it is Friday the 13th?  Nope. 
Maybe it is because I was right about Idol and Mike was wrong?  Nope. 
Maybe it is because the temps are above normal and it is SO nice out?  Wrong again!
Although all of the above are true.
Did you notice that I am sporting the BLACK today?
You want to know why?
It's because today

But, even though it's my mom's birthday we are celebrating, it is the girls that are benefiting!  When Dad asked Mom what she wanted for her birthday this year, she decided that she didn't need anything for herself.  Instead, she asked for a.......

She and Dad bought the girls a swing  for our back yard!  They LOVE it.  I think Gramma J's birthday has bumped ahead of Easter on their list of favorite days of the year!

It is positioned perfectly in our yard so I can see it from the kitchen.  I know that Jaden and Taylor will be begging to go out and play on it every day!

Finally, J has a slide that she can sit at the top of and NOT have her feet touch the bottom :o)

Have I mentioned how much they love it?

Yeah, that's love!

Even Taylor can brave the BIG slide!

Thanks, Gramma J!! 

Happy Birthday!  Looking forward to a fun weekend of celebrating!

So, yeah... It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies though.  We were all hanging around, playing with the girls on the swing set.  Jaden was playing with Mike on the slide and he was pulling her up it when all of a sudden, she started screaming bloody murder.  Seriously, if you had been within a 10 mile radius of my house last night, you would have heard her screaming.  She was holding her wrist and saying that Daddy hurt her arm.  We looked at her wrist and it wasn't swollen or bruised.  We iced it and she could move it so we figured she must have bruised or twisted it.  She cried and cried and cried.  We also figured that only having a 15-minute nap that afternoon was adding to the drama of her twisted wrist.  We carefully tucked her into bed and checked on her often.  She fell asleep, only to wake up at 11:00 in pain.  Oh, and keep in mind that she was still wearing the blue fishy dress because she wouldn't let us touch her arm to help her out of her clothes, into the bath, and into bed.  We avoided a fight by letting her sleep in her new dress.  Anyway, she woke up crying so I decided to take her to the ER.  I carefully got her out of the dress and into a T-shirt and shorts.  When I was trying to get her into the car, I realized that it was most likely her shoulder or elbow that was hurting because she screamed when I tried to pick her up to get her into the car.  Sure enough, we get to the ER and find out that her elbow was partially dislocated -- Nursemaid's Elbow is what they called it.  The doctor rotated it back in and Jaden stretched and bent her arm and said, "It's almost as good as new!"  I felt SO HORRIBLE that we didn't take her in when it happened but like I said, she was complaining about her wrist... She is  fine now and is feeling MUCH better!  I'm just happy that she doesn't have to spend the summer in a cast!  The moral e story is: DO NOT EVER lift or pull a child (especially under the age of six years) by his or her arms/wrists/hands.  They dislocate very easily!

Have a great weekend!  Stop by and play on our swings :o)


Jenny said...

I am HONORED to be highlighted in black!!!
The joy I got from this present was seeing the excitement from the girls! Nothing like "loving" the grands!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, This is very grand gesture to give to the grands! I can see that you will reap the benefits of seeing them enjoy this gift for many years!

I love them in their Katherine tutus! The girls are adorable.


Lora said...

I hope your mom had a great birthday! I really like what she got for her birthday. Jack does too, he was beside when I read the post and he wants to come visit you. If we lived closer we would :). I'm glad Jaden wasn't seriously hurt. I would have done the same thing if my child was saying her/his wrist was hurting, I wouldn't think it was the shoulder. Of course now seeing this post, I just might.

Llama said...

Happy 50th to your mom!!!

Hope the girlies enjoy the new swing set!!
AHhHH memories!

Kristen said...

poor girl! Glad she's feeling better! What a nice gift for grandma to give on her birthday!