Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Life: Week 19

Mother's Day -- I love being their mom :o)

Jaden is showing Taylor how to play her Rapunzel game.

Dad helped Jaden learn to ride her new big girl bike.

"Maybe it would save time if I just put the money right into the gas tank..."

The girls LOVE Gramma J's birthday present... a new swing set for them!

Celebrating Gramma J's 50th with a trip to the BIG chocolate store!

The girls loved having a friend to run around with at the zoo :o)


Lala said...

So much cuteness! And is that DeBrand's? Yum!

Jenny said...

lots of cuteness!! You are an AMAZING mom...and those girls appreciate everything you do for them! Thanks for making my birthday special! Love ya!

Dollface said...

They are so friggin cute!! xxxoo