Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fun: Truth #2

How well do you know me?
  1. I took dance classes all through elementary school. TRUE!
  2. I played the flute in high school band.
  3. I collect coins.
  4. I have had a job since I was 15 years old.

Truth #2: I have had a job since I was 15 years old.

Totally true!  I started working at Dairy Queen when I was 15.  I made $4.75 an hour.  It was a fun job!  We made root beer bongs, went sledding on snow mounds with trays, surfed down the stairs on boxes, tried to see how many chili cheese dogs we could eat when the boss wasn't looking... It was great :o)  Oh and I forgot about the lady with no teeth that used to suck on dill pickles and onions all day... That's hot. 

I worked there at good 'ol DQ for three years and then became a cashier at Wal-Mart.  The only good part about that job was closing down on Christmas Eve with one of my good buddies.  Imagine being in Wally World and ALL of the lights going off.  Scary.  The rest of it sucked so I went across the parking lot to Fashion Bug.  I worked there until I went away to Purdue to go to college. 

Totally forgot about J.C. Flicks! I worked there for a day :o)

At Purdue, I didn't work at all for the first few months of college.  After a short break, I started working at the Telefund.  I was the annoying student that called Purdue alumni and asked them to donate money to their alma mater.  Eventually, I was promoted to data entry (glamorous, right?) 

During my summers home, I worked for the Garrett Parks Department.  One summer I painted every fence in every Garrett park silver.  My friend and I basically bathed in mineral spirits for a whole summer to get the silver paint off of our skin, hair, and clothes.  The next summer, I painted curbs yellow.  Suck times 100. 

When I moved back to Fort Wayne, I worked as a server at Steak 'n Shake (I may or may not have applied because of a crush on a certain server).  After a year at SNS, I quit and worked as the cashier at the Garrett Pool and then as a hostess/server at Uno's. I made lots-o-cash serving there!  I picked up a couple of shifts working at Charlotte Russe one Christmas and tried my hand at being a shot girl at Piere's for two nights... awful job. 

After Uno's, I worked at Buffalo Wings and Ribs until I got my first graphic design job at Steffen Group Auction and Real Estate.  I stayed there until I had Jaden and needed to work full-time at a company with benefits.  That led me to where I am now, working as the graphic designer for Fort Wayne Community Schools.  Now, I'm ready to retire :o)

Sometimes I look back on my old jobs and remember thinking that life was rough then!  What I wouldn't give now to only have the responsibility (not the paycheck) of a DQ cashier!

It was brought to my attention that I forgot a job... 
I worked for my mom at Bisque It Pottery Painting Studio!! 
Although it was technically a job, I considered it fun :o) 

Oh, and if we are really digging deep, I guess I did have a paper route when I was in elementary school :o)


Jenny said...

HEY!! You forgot about your BEST JOB EVER!!! Not to mention the GREATEST BOSS! I know, it was such a WONDERFUL job, you couldn't call it work! ;)
(and I do expect you to return to it someday!)

Shannon said...

WOW! Totally forgot to add that one! Don't worry... I'll be back!

Lora said...

I used to work at McDonald's, we had one costumer who would only drink McDonald's coffee. She would sit in her car 1/2 the morning drink coffee and smoke, and on Christmas Eve she would order 4 large coffees to take home so that she would make it through Christmas day.