Thursday, August 11, 2011

Badges of Fun: September Badge

For the month of September, Disney Family Fun is challenging the girls to Learn Something New!  To earn their badge, they must complete an activity in one of the three categories:
  1. Solve Science Puzzles
  2. Explore Your World
  3. Play with the Alphabet
The challenge that I always face when planning these activities is how to make them interesting enough to excite Jaden, yet basic enough to include Taylor.  In the first category, there are different science experiments suggested for the kids to do; from learning about bubbles to experimenting with physics.  For the second category, we could learn how to measure the height of trees or how a polar bear stays warm.  In the third category, there are fun activities such as, creating sentences with building blocks and finding the alphabet in strange places.  While all of the suggested activities sound fun, I'm obviously going to try to think up something on my own that both girls can do and have fun with!

To earn their September badge, I'm thinking about creating a scavenger hunt of objects found in their world.  I am going to make exploration books for the girls.  Jaden's book will have clues to lead her to objects.  For example, a page might say, "I am the tallest around with leaves so green.  My roots go down deep, I am a _____!"  Then, Jaden could guess that she had to find a tree, write the word on the line, and start her hunt!  In Taylor's book, I will draw a picture of a tree and write the word underneath it.  She will need to recognize a real tree by looking at a drawing of it. 

I am so excited to do these books with the girls!  It may even be fun to do a picture of something that represents each letter of the alphabet.  I have three weeks to get my books together and start our hunt!

Oh, and let me know if you are interested in participating in a scavenger hunt of your own!  I will be putting both versions of the books in my Etsy store :o)

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