Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Life: Week 32

A.K.A. Project Life: Spanish Edition

Mike's Aunt Deb, her son, Alvaro, and their friend, Leyre (pronounced like "Lay-day"), are visiting from Spain!  We have had a full, FUN week visiting with them.  Jaden has been attached to Leyre since day one.  We have already exchanged mailing addresses, email address, and Facebook profiles.  I hope Leyre knows that she has a pen pal for life now!

With only about a month left of the zoo season, we are squeezing in as many visits as possible!

Ice cream is a must at the zoo.  Luckily, Taylor had Aunt Deb to help her!

Jaden was so excited to have her new friend, Leyre walk with her as she rode a big pony for the first time!

Jaden bonded with her cousin, Alvaro, over bubbles :o)

Taylor and Leyre also got in on the bubble fun!

On Thursday, Mike, Jaden, and I went to the Tin Caps game with the rest of Mike's family!

Leyre was nice enough to let J hold her foam finger for most of the game :o)

Leyre even caught a Tin Caps soft ball and gave it to Jaden!  J sure is going to miss her when she goes back to Spain!

The weather has finally cooled off enough for J to practice riding her bike.

"Hi, Taylor!"

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Jenny said...

fun week!!
I always love the girls' hair style and bows, and the cute outfits!

Lala said...

omg How do those girls get so big from week to week?!?!?!?!? It's astounding to me! Such fun to have visitors and new friends!

Jenny said...'s time for a new J&T header!