Friday, September 2, 2011

We're Ready!

It's that time!  We are getting ready for Taylor Max's 2 year birthday bash this weekend!  I can hardly believe she is going to be TWO!  I'm going tonight to buy her big girl birthday present and am working hard to put the finishing touches on the planning.  Jaden has been helping me out and is insisting on a pin-the-tail game but different to go with the theme; like the Tangled version we did with her party.  I keep telling her that this is a party for grown ups, but she doesn't seem to care!  So, people coming, be prepared ;o)  Jaden also wants a pinata... hmm...  We did decide to move the party outside this year.  Our family has expanded to 25 people and is only getting bigger!  Crazy, I tell ya!  The theme?  I'll give you a hit: Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!

Aside from the party planning, we are literally counting down the days until... wait for it... PRESCHOOL.  I get butterflies just thinking about it.  Part of me (like 75%) is so excited for Jaden to be starting this chapter in her life.  She will do excellent in school, I have no doubt.  She will make friends and have a blast!  the other part of me... wondering when my baby grew up?!  I need to take her shopping this weekend for a couple of essentials.  Other than that, we are set!

I've started another venture (I know, right?)  I'm going to try my hand at photography.  After taking Taylor's 2 year photos, I decided that maybe I could make some extra money at it?!  I already have three people interested in scheduling a shoot date, so I am pretty excited! (4 if you count the creepy old guy that wants me to take nudie pics of him ;o)

I had the flu for exactly 24 hours.  I was super achy and really just thought that running had gotten the best of me.  Turns out, you don't get a 102.9 temp from running, silly me.  I'm feeling better now and am ready for the BASH this weekend!

That's about it!  September is here and to me, that is fall.  Bring on the pumpkin spiced lattes and mums!  Have a great weekend!

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Max Teders said...

Yes, Septaylor is here and we are excited for her! Can't wait, hot dog!

Anonymous said...

ya know, i am most definitely willing to sell that little ModCloth number you speak of. along with a ton of other stuff. that is my goal for this month...take pictures of all the items i want to sell and get them on the blog. you have first dibs on the dress!

Kristen said...

Mickey Mouse Club!!!!! Riley's 3rd birthday was supposed to be that as well but he has recently become a HUGE fan of Cars so that's what we're doing in about 3 weeks!