Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project Life: Week 39 - UPDATED with videos!!

Jaden's cart actually had more in it than Mike's at the end of our shopping trip!

Jude loves to be in the middle of the chaos that are my kids.

They are already working out the details of their recording contract!

Yes, another picture of the girls sharing a 50 cent ride... I'm not forking over a dollar.  Sorry!

She ALWAYS falls asleep like this!  It's a good thing we got her a bigger bed...
to hold all of her STUFF!
A couple of videos from this week...

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Dollface said...

Hey girl... your camera quality is amazing!! which one do you have?? message me :) xo

Lala said...

Mike looks SO excited for playtime! ;) I just can't get over how pretty J's hair is!! love 'em!

Vienna and Ricky said...

I found you through Iheartorganizing... I love the reality of your blog capturing the moments that you will look back on fondly. Too many blogs are mums with 6 smiling children, a constant flow of art, craft and construction, completed to-do list and spotless house with not a toy out of place. It is refreshing to see pride and joy in your real everyday life.