Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Year Resolutions... 3 Months Left!

Like the rest of creation, I made resolutions on January 1st.  I resolved to do/change five things that in turn, would make me a better person (?)  Well my friends, we have less than three months left.  Let's see where I stand:
  1. Cross something off of my Life ListDONE!  Actually, I crossed two things (#30 and #14) off my list this year!
  2. Lose 5-7 pounds
    Yeah... Not even close.  I'll work hard on this one for these last three months and hopefully achieve it, but with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up, I doubt that will happen!
  3. Get my freakin' family room ceiling fixed!
    Sorta in the works!  I have a handyman coming over tonight to look at it.  My goal is to have the entire room fixed by Christmas.
  4. Read 40 books
    I'm on number 27.  I know I can do this!
  5. Complete my 2010 Project Life album
    Hahaha!!  Yeah right!  Hahahaha!!!
So, I guess I could be doing worse, right?  What about you?  Have you completed your resolutions or did you give up by February 1st?

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Max said...

No way! I haven't even completed making my list!

Kelly said...

Oh I guess I better check my progress... Good for you girl!

Tia said...

You totally got this. Piece of cake!

Cecilia said...

Ehm... I made 4 resolutions... none of them is achieved so far!! :(
But if the marathon was one of yours, well done!! :)