Friday, December 9, 2011

A Visit with Santa!

On Tuesday, we took the girls to the mall to see Santa!  But before we chatted with the big guy, we did a little shopping.  Jaden has her Christmas program at preschool in a couple of weeks so we stopped to get her a new outfit.  She wanted to leave the store and go play with Dad and Sis, but Mom and I made her stay with us in case she had to try anything on.
Wishing she was out with Dad and Taylor.  I am forever telling this child to,
"Pull up your pants!"  :o)

Then we stopped at the food court for some supper and ice cream!

Off to see St. Nick!

Taylor definitely takes after her Uncle Shane-O!  I pull out my camera and the silly faces come out automatically!



Jaden made a hand for Santa :o)

Technically, we weren't allowed to take our own pictures.  It's a good thing I have a super sneaky mom!

There were no tears this year!  It was a great visit!  Taylor asked for a baby.  Jaden asked for the "big princess castle."  :o)

Merry Christmas!

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Bobbie Mackey said...

i cannot tell you how much i enjoy watching your family grow and play together. thank you many times for sharing with us.

Lora said...

Super cute! I like their outfits as well. There is no waiting in lines for us this year. Normally I would take them to the mall where my dad is working as Santa but he isn't this year. So we will just wait until Christmas day and get pictures with him in his suit.