Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Disney and their Princesses are now on my naughty list - UPDATED WITH LONGER VIDEO

Oh Disney... I hate to break it to you, but you've really burned a bridge with me.  I thought we were BFFs!  What you have done has not only disappointed me, but will most definitely disappoint my girls, especially Jaden.

You see, Jaden has asked Santa for a TON of princess toys for Christmas.  I had a little chat with the big guy and he tells me that she will be making out rather well.  But, after his elves had already finished their toy making, you decided to put a new commercial on TV.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE for the longer video. (Will open in new window)

(Actually, even though the new commercial is aired during every single break on Disney Junior and Nick, I can't find it online.  It shows each princess in her room, not just three of them.  Here is the shorter version.)

So, you can see why I'm stuck.  Jaden really wants this stupid castle!  It was the very first thing she asked Santa for when we visited him at the mall.  But, like I said, the elves are already done making her toys and probably already spent too much elf money as it is.  I'm pretty sure they can't afford the extra 150 elf dollars that is needed to make this castle.  How do I break it to J on Christmas morning because I'm sure she will be disappointed... Santa always leaves them a letter next to his empty cookie plate.  Should he explain his lack of a castle?  I'm pretty sure she'll notice an almost 4' tall castle is not in her house.  Thanks so much Disney.  If you would have put that commercial on in say, like maybe August, the elves would probably have taken advantage of north pole layaway and not gotten some of the other gifts.  On the other hand, should Santa pull some strings and try to get the elves to return some already made presents and try to find time to make this castle?  Time's a tickin', people!  What's a mom to do?

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Jenny said...

maybe gramma will have to talk to her elves....they are still making gifts! hmmmmm

Tia said...

This is a hard one. It looks like your mom might have it settled though!

If it helps, Ellie did not get the thing she asked for last year (a swing set) but didn't even notice. She was happy with what she got.

Good luck!

Shannon said...

That's what we were thinging, Tia. I am NOT the type of person that HAS to get my kids every single thing they ask for, but we usually try to get the one "IT" item and this is it! Had we known about it before, it would already be in our basement :o) I know they will LOVE everything they are getting, but I don't want them (J especially) to doubt Santa, you know? She couldn't find the shelf elf this morning and actually asked if he stayed at the North Pole and wondered why, because she had been a good girl... It's hard to know what she is thinking and reasoning in her own sweet head. It's also hard to see the line that divides the magic of Santa and spoiling my kids :o)

Max Teders said...

Gramma may be on to something there...

Tia said...

I know what you mean. The last thing I want is for E to doubt Santa. That will come soon enough. I, too, want Ellie to get the one thing she asks for.

This mom stuff is hard!!