Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aside from my wedding and the births of my girls... BEST day(s) of my LIFE!

Story time!  Long, long ago, I started blogging.  I had no idea what I was doing or how to get a following... or even what a following was!  I didn't read other blogs and the only person that read my blog was my mom.  But then one day, I got a follower!  A random person all the way out in Seattle started reading MY blog!  I was so excited!  So, being the nice blogger I am, I started reading her blog, too!  She was quirky and funny and serious all in one. 

Then, something really weird and happy happened.  I was in the midst of Jaden's 2nd birthday party when I overheard some of my friends talking about one of their friends who was out in California and was the victim of a random attack.  I stopped what I was doing and interrupted their conversation because it sounded so familiar.  Then it clicked.  My new blog follower had posted that exact story.  The very next day (April 21, 2009) I left a comment on her blog, "Ok, this is SO strange... such a small world! I had my daughter's b-day party this weekend and I overheard my friend and sis-in-law (to-be) talking about a guy they knew that was in a hospital in CA. I had a complete feeling of de ja vu and asked who they were talking about... turns out, they both know you and your boyfriend! I remembered reading your blog about this same thing and told them about it. Are you originally from Ft. Wayne? Kalie K----- is my friend and Kelly H---- is my sis-in-law. She is engaged to my husband's brother, M--- M------, a FW fireman. Sound familiar? Small, small world!!"  Needless to say, we have been blog friends since then!

Life kept on moving for both of us but we still read each others' blogs and occasionally emailed each other.  We developed a sort of friendship that people would envy... even though we had never met in real life.  She sent J big sister presents when Taylor was born, and J and I made and sent her crafty gifts from time to time.  I don't know if it was the small town roots or what, but we clicked, my friend Lala and me :o)

Now, something I envy about Lala is that she is a traveler!  This girl bops around the world like it's no one's business.  Whenever she would blog about her next excursion, I would comment about how wonderful and exotic Fort Wayne, Indiana is!  Apparently Hawaii and New York and Germany and Iceland and California and all the rest are way better...

But then, I got a very vague email from her one day over the summer, saying that she couldn't tell me when, but she was going to come visit me!!!  I pictured her showing up at my doorstep, Ty Pennington style, and being all like, "How did I go through life before I met you?!"  Yeah, I pretty much had a dumb hopeful grin on my face every single day, in anticipation for the day Lala came to visit!  I talked to Mike about it all the time.  I just knew in my heart that she was going to come at the end of September for the Johnny Appleseed Festival.  September came and went.   

But then it happened.  The stars aligned and WE MET!!!

Painting pottery with my internet bestie
It was immediate smiles and hugs like we'd known each other forever!  We talked and painted and drank wine and talked and ate sushi and talked and talked and talked until late into the evening.  It was wonderful :o)

The next night, she and I got together with the two mutual friends we had and rocked. it. out!  We started with Mexican food and margs...
Kelly and Ang

Kalie and Me

Then, we showed FW what it was about!  We karaoke'd all freaking night and I can't even sing!

And nobody at all thought it was incredibly weird or awkward when I announced to the entire bar that I was there with my internet friend, Lala!  "We met on the internet!  This is the first time we are meeting in real life and she isn't even a stalker or a serial killer!"  cricket  cricket

That girl can sing, and sing, she did!


"Go Grease Lightning!"

Obviously there were more drinks...

*Ang, if you hate me for the pictures, just be thankful that the videos are still tucked safely away on my hard drive!*

It was the best night ever :o)

Thanks for such a fun night, Ang!  Skip Hawaii... the Fort's the place to be!  Love you!! xoxo


Lala said...

Just so you know, I feel exactly the same! You are an awesome friend and I cherish you. The best part is, there's so much yet to come! (and don't you for one minute think it won't include payback for some of those pictures! ;) love, love, love

Kelly said...

HAHAHA!!! Those pictures are... telling of how the night went. MAN that was fun!

Sammy said...

Too funny and nice and cute...