Thursday, January 12, 2012


Jaden's hair is gorgeous!  She has thick, naturally curly hair that is the perfect shade of strawberry-blond.  I would give ANYTHING for her hair.  I would shave my head bald if I was guaranteed to have her hair when it grew back. When the movie Tangled came out, Jaden decided that she wanted to have hair as long as Rapunzel's! 

She was determined to grow her hair to the floor.  There was just one teensy problem.  Girlfriend HATES getting her hair washed!  It was so long and thick that she had to lay back under the faucet for me to get all of the shampoo out.  She would get water in her eyes, and I don't care how big they put "No More Tears!" on the label, there were still tears.  Her silly little head is also so sensitive to every little pull so brushing her hair in the mornings was such a chore.  I put her hair in braids every single day because the dry weather had made it a static mess! 

I started talking to J about getting her hair cut.  No way, now how.  She wasn't going to do it.  Every time I brought up the idea, she cut me off and was dead set on having long, beautiful hair forever and ever!  Why?  Her reason for not getting her hair cut was, "I don't want it to turn black!"

If you've seen the movie, you know that in the end, Flynn Rider cuts Rapunzel's hair and it turns brown because the magic is gone.  Jaden did not want her hair to turn black so, she wasn't going to get it cut!  Well, it just so happened that Taylor was in need of a trim on her bangs.  It was the perfect opportunity to show Jaden that I could cut Taylor's hair and it would not turn black!  After seeing that and having me explain to her that she wouldn't have to lay under the faucet to get her hair washed, she gave in and let me make an appointment.  This decision was made after weeks and weeks of me begging and pleading! 

She loves it!  I love it!  I can't get over how stinking cute that cut is on her!  Also, she got tinsel in her new do!  You can kind of see a little blue streak on top.  She was so cute on Saturday.  She was constantly walking by the mirror and catching a glance.  I asked her if she liked her new hair cut.  She replied, "Yes!  I keep checking to make sure it doesn't grow back before my friends can see it!"  I love that kid.


Jenny said...

I LOVE your new do, Jaden!!!
And DO/DID have hair EXACTLY like that when you were her age! EXACTLY!! I laid you on the counter to wash your hair in the sink!

amanda said...

what a cutie pie!!! love her new style!!

Lora said...

She looks so cute!

I having issues with Josie brushing her hair - either she doesn't do it or she doesn't do it properly. I am thinking about getting her hair cut short - like pixie style.

Kelly said...

Aww!!! I LOVE IT!!!