Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Where did Mommy go?"

People, people... Let me tell you, this momma is one busy woman!  Remember how I said that it was our goal to have our house up for sale by April 1st?  Well, apparently that is the magic date for home sellers.  Everyone wants to put their house on the market by April 1st.  Our realtor has convinced us that it would be best to put it up now because of the low inventory of houses for sale.  Now.  As in, "Hey, our house is for sale!"  Sure, we tackled the major problem in the family room, but we are nowhere near ready to show!  We compromised and told our realtor that we would need a month to make it show-ready.  One month.  The same time as the Home & Garden Show.  So, if I'm going to have a large enough inventory of goodies to sell at H&G and have my house ready to put on the market, all in a month, I'm gonna have to do some serious steppin' in tall cotton! 

The family room is done.  It has been decluttered and repainted.  Now I'm tackling the kitchen.  I'm pulling crap out of the cabinets and putting it in big boxes labeled, "GARAGE SALE."  I'm leaving only the essentials.  I'm boxing most of the decor with the exception of a few things.  I'm going to have to touch up/repaint the trim (and then make the girls wear gloves all day, everyday).  Some major organizing is going down, people!  My only problem is that our storage room is FULL.  I'm talking Hoarders full.  It's somewhat pathetic.  I have boxes to the ceiling. 

After the kitchen/dining room is finished, I'm moving on to our bedroom.  It's tiny.  I need to find a way to maximize every inch of that room.  I've "researched" via Pinterest and other awesome sites for organizing and home decorating ideas (I'm not naming them for fear they will become so popular, I'll be forbidden to look at them).  I think I've found a solution.  Now, I just need to repaint three of the four walls, do a little rearranging, and get some curtains hung.  It's such a challenge working with a small space.  Any advice on how to make it seem bigger?

The living room is pretty good to go.  I need to do some touching up on the trim.  Other than that, I think we're set.

The girls' rooms are packed.  I tried to pull out old toys over Christmas break, but they are still full.  I need to get stuffed animals into the space bags and out of the pet nets.  Don't get me wrong, I love the pet nets and those girls LOVE their "friends," but when you walk into their rooms and are immediately face-to-face with a 3-foot tall stuffed snowman, it's sort of unbecoming.  I also need to put J's blinds and old curtains up to lighten up the space.

Bathroom needs repainted.

The basement.  Ugh.  I don't even know where to start!  Like I said, the storage room is full.  I have things stored under the steps and behind the bar.  I want potential buyers to see all of the available storage space our home has.  I don't want them to see how we are taking advantage of every square inch of it and are busting at the seams.  What to do, what to do.  The plan is to have the cold weather stop for a while so it's not a pain to park outside.  That way I can move all of our packed boxes to the garage in order to free up the storage space!  Then, it just looks like we are ready to move! 

But I have only a month to do this all.  Crap.


amanda said...

good luck lady!!! you ARE busy - but if anyone can do it, you can!!

Biz Dickmeyer said...

I am pumped for the home and garden show! I am coming to check it out this year. I can't wait to see what kind of goodies you have.

Kristen said...

good luck! I did not enjoy getting our house ready to show, and then keeping it that way with 2 kids was TOUGH! I hope it goes smoothly and that it will sell quickly for you!