Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's official!  Our house is up for sale!  We will have a sign in our yard by the time we get home from work today :o)  It has been a BUSY and stressful couple of weeks trying to get it ready, but we did it!  For you, an official house tour:
The front of the house

Our back yard

The patio with built-in fire pit

The living room.  This is the first room that you walk into from the front door.


Dining Room

Family Room

Full Bathroom

Taylor's Bedroom

Jaden's Bedroom

Our Bedroom

Half bathroom connected to our bedroom.

The Basement - family room area

Basement - bar area

Basement - storage room

Basement - laundry/utility room

Wish us luck!  Hopefully we sell fast and move early in the summer so we have the rest of the summer to relax in our new house!


Kristen said...

good luck girl, I hope you get an offer quick! Google the Saint Joseph's statue, it worked for me!!!! Love your house, very nicely decorated! The girls's rooms are adorable!

Angela said...

Yay! Crossing all fingers and toes for you! Send me links to the houses you are coveting so I can live vicariously. xo