Friday, March 16, 2012


A month ago, we lost a very special person.  She went to the clouds only nine days before her 80th birthday.  Jaden decided that she wanted her and Taylor to make Grandma Ina a picture for her birthday and send it to her on a balloon.

J picked out a picture that had lots of hearts on it so Grandma Ina would know how much she loved her.

Jaden picked the pink balloon with stars on it and Taylor picked a red balloon with hearts on it.

We tied the pictures, each with a special message to Grandma Ina written on them, to the balloons.

We headed out to send the balloons to the clouds.

Jaden let hers go first.  The wind was blowing SO hard that day!  We tried to get out into an area with no trees, but that wind took the balloons straight to the trees...

Grandma Ina must have reached down and grabbed J's balloon.  There is no other reason why it made it through that tree.

Unfortunately Taylor's wasn't so lucky...

But, Grandma Ina must have realized that Taylor's got stuck because a couple of days later, the coloring picture was gone!  

We love you and miss you, Grandma Ina :o)


Dollface said...

this is so sweet and touching! what a great idea... xo

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So beautiful, Shan. xo