Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Badges of Fun: Eat Dinner Together

Last week, the girls earned badge number eight in Disney Family Fun's Badges of Fun challenge! The theme was Eat Dinner Together. Because we already eat dinner as a family every single night, we wanted to change it up and do something totally different.  We had a picnic out in our back yard!

The girls laid out the blanket and set out the plates and utensils.

It was fun and a nice change from our everyday dinners.  The girls had chicken nuggets, pineapple, puffs, and cheese.  Mike and I had kabobs :o)  Yum!

I think that the girls would agree with me when I say that we definitely turned dinner time into family fun time :o)

They earned their badges and got their certificates, after their bath, of course!

Great job girls!!


Tia said...

Isn't it a shame that "eating dinner together" is so rare it is looked upon as something special?

The world we live in!

You made it extra special. Well done!

Dollface said...

Gorgeous girls and congrats on selling your home!!!!

Love is all you need said...

Such a cute idea! Love your blog and your girls are to die for!