Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project Life: April

Week 15: April 8-14
My Easter cuties!

Enjoying Easter dinner at Mom and Dad's house

The girls love winding down after daycare by watching A.N.T. Farm :o)

Sometimes it's just easier to eat dessert outside :o)

Taylor woke me up bright and early one Saturday morning to make a bracelet...
The things we do for love!

We got a little sidetracked at the party store while shopping for princess party supplies!

Week 16: April 15-21
These girls love to be outside!

Watch out world! Taylor has taken to the highway...err...grassway :o)

We're gonna miss this swing set!

The girls love to stand on top of their stage (the slide) and sing their sweet hearts out!

Taylor had an earache :o(  I kept her entertained at the doctor's office with Barney on my phone!

Suppertime picnic!

Jaden turned 5 and we celebrated with yogurt at YOYO :o)

Jaden had a princess painting party to celebrate her birthday with her best friends :o)

Week 17: April 22-28
Jaden had her spring program at preschool... I love those things!

Taylor was excited to watch her sissy sing

Jaden showed us her artwork at the school's art fair!

She made the snow clown :o)

I got to accompany Jaden and her class on a field trip to the Botanical Conservatory!

She's a worm!!

We got to go inside the butterfly garden!  It was so awesome!!

Dad and I had a date :o)  We went to dinner and then to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform Beethoven's Last Night... AWESOME!!!

We ended the week with our usual breakfast at the grocery store!

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Angela said...

my favorite is jaden as a worm :) that girl is so big!!! I can't stand it! cutie pics all around! xox