Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Life: Catching Up... AGAIN!

Week 12
March 18-24
As a treat one day, the girls got to have their lunch in the living room while watching The Cat in The Hat!

Jaden LOVES coloring!  

The girls made cookies to take on their first day at their new daycare!

They were loving the warm March temps!

Week 13
March 25-31
Jaden had Pajama Day at preschool!

We stopped by Bisque It one evening after work so Gramma J could help cut out shapes for Jaden's birthday invitations.
(See a little hint of the invites there??)

Yea! We listed our house!  The first week on the market we had a showing every night.

Mom and I took the girls to see Disney on Ice!  They LOVED it!!

On Saturday, Mike and I got out of town for the night and headed to Indy to see my BFF, Jackie :o)

Poor Aubrey was home sick so Mike had to drink a beer for him :o(

Week 14
April 1-7
We were forced out of our house for a showing one night, so we HAD to go to Zesto!

The girls found a line of ants and had a blast jumping over them.

Taylor is not a huge fan of the car wash...

Life is all about princesses right now!

We celebrated Easter with Mike's family on Saturday.  "Smile pretty, girls!"

Aren't they beautiful?!

Third time's a charm!  Oh, and we got MORE gigantic stuffed animals... grr....

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